Liz Maritz

The Importance of Backlinking

So you have your entire search engine optimization (SEO) plan in action. You have followed the many steps to become SEO compliant, including The Net Impact”s Top Ten Ways to Test Your Website for Search Engine Compliance, and bam, you’re ready to rock! Right?

The reality is that SEO is a bit more complicated. One of the most important and often overlooked steps in moving your website up on the organic rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN is linking. More accurately, the phrase known as backlinking; that is other websites, directories, etc., linking back to your website. The quantity of websites linking back to your website matters for your search engine ranking, and the quality of those websites also matters for many search engines. The more “important” the website that is linking back to your website, the more value the backlink has for your website.

Of course, those websites linking to your website also must involve a topic similar to your own website to be truly valuable for your search engine ranking. For example, an important website about the environment that happens to link to your website about toys will do little to increase your ranking.

While the case of backlink website “importance” is one that the search engines only have the true answer for, the Average Joe has an easy way to determine how many websites are backlinking to his website.

Inputting into Google (and replacing “” with your website URL) will give you a decent estimate of the amount of websites that happen to link to your website. For example, typing in Google provides well over 200 results.

This is a great tool for you to know how many websites are linking to your website, and in general the rule of thumb with backlinking is, “The more, the merrier.”

The advantages of linking are not a groundbreaking secret and certainly not an idea that The Net Impact originated. However, backlinking is undoubtedly an important step in the SEO process, and The Net Impact does utilize backlinking in order to fulfill the entire organic search engine ranking potential of each website we work with.

The Net Impact can help develop and implement the right strategies to increase both the quality and quantity of backlinking to your website, thus helping to maximize your website’s potential ranking in the search engines. For more information or for a free quote contact us.

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