One of the facts of life is that most people love free stuff. Assuming you are like most people, today is your lucky day.

The following is a list of five free internet marketing tools and websites that will help almost any webmaster or e-marketer. Most of these are very well known to internet marketers and even basic internet users, so we will call this the “List of Free Internet Marketing Tools for Beginners.” In the future, expect links to other free tools for more advanced users.

1. Google Toolbar/PageRank

This tool is listed first because you probably already have it. If not, you probably already know about it or have used it in the past. The Google Toolbar in and of itself is not what we are focusing on. Actually, it is what is in the toolbar: Google PageRank. Google PageRank is one of the factors that Google happens to use in order to determine where your website is listed in the search engine rankings. The PageRank, at least the PageRank that Google reports on the toolbar, ranges from 0-10 and is based on factors such as links from webpages indexed by Google. Knowing the PageRanks of other websites and your own is an excellent way of knowing your website’s general value on Google as well as whether trying to get links from other websites is really worth your time. If the websites you link to have very low PageRanks, they are probably not worth your time.

2. Google Webmaster Central

Webmaster Central was mentioned in a previous blog, but this mention just reiterates their importance. Webmaster Central includes six sections:

  • Site Status Wizard (shows if your site is indexed by Google)
  • Webmaster Tools (stats, diagnostics, etc.)
  • Submit Your Content to Google
  • Google’s Blog for Webmasters
  • Google’s Discussion Group of Webmasters
  • Webmaster Help Center

While these are tools and information that you can live without, they all have some value for the beginning to intermediate webmaster.

3. Alexa/Alexa Toolbar

Want to know how various websites rank on the internet? Alexa can give you a general idea. The word “general” is extremely important to mention, as the ranking is based on internet users who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their internet browser. There are a disproportionate number of technical users who have the toolbar compared to the overall internet user population, and therefore websites that are most popular for these users will probably rank higher than what is actually occurring among all internet users. Plus, the toolbar allows an easy way for webmasters to cook the numbers and push up their own website in the rankings. If you download the toolbar and have a few friends do the same and then constantly visit your website, your ranking on Alexa is almost guaranteed to skyrocket.

4. Overture Keyword Selector Tool

Want to find which keywords to target either on search engines or pay-per-click campaigns? There are few better free tools than the Overture Keyword Selector. While this tool is somewhat slow, it provides extremely valuable information by showing how often a keyword or keyword phrase has been searched over the last month. In the process of doing these searches, the Overture Keyword Selector Tool can give you ideas for other keyword phrases by showing the popularity of searches associated with what you enter into the search field.

5. Microsoft adCenter Labs

Leave it to one of the wealthiest companies in the world to give away free stuff….

AdCenter actually has some extremely valuable free tools, including Keyword Forecast, Seasonal Keyword Forecast, Keyword Mutation Detection, Demographic Prediction and Online Commercial Intention. These free tools are probably every bit as good, if not better than the tools that Google provides. Still, fewer webmasters and internet marketers know about them. Microsoft’s tools are definitely worth a look if you have never used them before.

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