Previously, TNI provided a feature on five free internet marketing tools for beginners.  Now that you have had a chance to play around with those tools, it is time for some advanced free stuff.   

The wrinkle thrown in this time around is that one of the following tools is only a free trial.  Still, there are also several tools that are completely free with no strings attached. 

1. WordTracker

WordTracker is a famous search engine optimization program because of its metrics, most notably Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI).  KEI is the ratio of search engine searches to pages indexed for that search term.  Thus, KEI is a good indicator for the difficulty of ranking highly in a keyword or phrase on a search engine, as well as a nice metric to determine potential benefit of targeting a keyword or phrase. 

WordTracker is a pricey web-based program, but it also has a free trial version.  In addition to KEI, the trial version also includes the number of searches conducted on search engines over a particular timeframe. 

2. Quantcast

Remember the mention of Alexa ranking in the previous free tool blog?  If you want to step it up a notch, Quantcast is the place to go.  Quantcast gives the rank of websites, but also goes several steps further, showing detailed website demographics.  These tools can be valuable not only for your website, but also if you are looking into advertising on another website. 

3. TouchGraph

The free products offered by TouchGraph are more aesthetically pleasing than they are useful for internet marketing, but they are still neat.  TouchGraph offers a free Google Browser, which shows everything that links from your page.  The tool is also useful if you type in a keyword, as it shows many websites for that keyword and some possible websites for linking. 

4. W3C’s Quality Assurance Tools

It is important to validate your website’s code for errors, and possibly the simplest way to do so is W3C’s tools.  Among their tools are a MarkUp Validator (for HTML code) and a CSS Validator.  These tools are especially important to make sure your website is relatively consistent in each search engine and there are no errors for your visitors.      

5. SEO Chat Tools

Saving the best for last.  The ULTIMATE resource for free stuff can be found at  Included are 41 free tools to help your internet marketing quest.  Everything from an Adsense Calculator tool to a URL Rewriting tool is included.  Most of these tools are also found elsewhere on the web for free in some format, but SEO Chat does implement its own interface on these tools.  It is well worth your time to checkout all that the Tools have to offer.

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