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The age of the internet has seen many search engines come and go.  You probably remember formerly popular search engines such as Lycos, Altavista, iWon, the Go Network, as well as several other big search engines that are no longer prominent in the industry.  Another search engine that you might remember is, otherwise known as Ask Jeeves.  Were you aware that this search engine is still around and actually bustling relative to some of its predecessors? has the fourth biggest market share among major search engines, according to marketing data site  As you probably guessed, Ask ranks behind Google, Yahoo! and MSN.  The Ask market share may seem small at just under five percent, but in the whole scheme of things that is a great number of searches that could still be driving traffic to your website. 

Google’s already massive market share continues to grow, with more than 50 percent of market share as of July, 2007.  Obviously, this is the search engine that SEO practitioners focus on most, with Yahoo! and MSN trailing behind.  Still, is worth a word in the conversation, and according to’s data, it has kept a relatively stable market share of internet searches over the last year. 

The process of optimizing your website for should not be much different than any of the other search engines, and the “Sponsored Links” provided by come from Google’s Adwords pay-per-click program as well as’s pay-per-click program. 

Still, since does have a semi-significant portion of the market share, looking at where you rank for your keywords is an exercise that you should not forget to do every so often.  With millions of searches coming from, tracking the search engine is still worth your time.

Seth Trachtman is a Web Marketing Account Manager for The Net Impact Web Development St. Louis

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