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The rumor going around the internet is that there are more than 100 million blogs floating about. Whether this number is correct or not, there are obviously a great number of blogs and a great number of bloggers, including yours truly.

Starting a blog in order to market your own web site is a common practice, but you also have a great opportunity to market your web site through other peoples’ blogs.

One of most powerful ways of marketing products in most industries is word of mouth. Think about how many times you have bought or used a product solely based upon the recommendations of others. No matter your relationship with these people, word of mouth tends to be a far more powerful persuasive tool than company sponsored advertising.

That is where the power of blogs comes in. Blogs tend to be more trusted sources of information than most forms of internet ads. Many blogs have regular readers that become loyal to the blogger and even equate the blogger’s credibility with the news media.

Marketers have an excellent opportunity to apply this trust to their own products by spreading their message through the blog community. By getting popular bloggers to promote and recommend your product, they are doing a huge service for your marketing efforts.

The question is how you go about getting bloggers to promote your products. The process is simple enough, as you merely need to contact bloggers and let them try your product. If the bloggers like your product then a good review and promotion will be the result. The risk in this process is minimal since bloggers are unlikely to provide negative public feedback involving your product.

This process can also work well for content. In addition to bloggers linking through your link bait efforts, it is becoming a more common practice for web sites to offer their content to bloggers in return for promotion. Blog interviews about your products and services are also fairly common among the more well-known bloggers that are better associated with media industries.

The bottom line: You can make the blog community work for you without much effort. It is an effective marketing strategy and something to try if you have not already.

Seth Trachtman is a Web Marketing Account Manager for The Net Impact Web Development St. Louis.

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