Liz Maritz

The Mini E-Book

The effort to create backlinks from other websites becomes far easier when you develop a product or service that users can’t live without.  One of these strategies, in conjunction with regular e-mail newsletters, is the mini e-book. 

I have personally developed several mini e-books.  Okay, maybe “mini” is not the opportune word since the books ranged from 200 to 500 pages.  Still, I have found e-books to be outstanding internet marketing tools and even stand-alone products. 

Before we go any further, let me define an e-book or at least give you the definition I am applying:  

E-book: A digital book contained in a single file, either in PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Reader or a similar format. 

These significant e-books take months, if not years to create, but a 15-page or more “mini e-book” is an extremely viable option for websites looking to provide something more quickly for potential users.  Below is a short outline of the advantages and disadvantages of producing a mini e-book for internet marketing purposes. 


1.     Value 

The e-book is an excellent platform to share content about your website as well as link to different parts of your website.  If your e-book has advice or instructions for something, it can even be valuable for internet users who have never actually seen your website before. 

2.      Timelessness 

Many e-books available on the internet are more than five years old.  They continue to survive and be shared because they are still applicable today. 

3.      Viral Qualities 

Try typing “e-book” into Ebay.  At the time of this writing, doing so returns more than 13,000 entries.  Many of these e-books have been read by thousands of people, and most of those people were likely referred to the e-book by someone else. 


1.      Time and Effort 

Even a 15-page mini e-book can take days and weeks, if not months, to produce.  This is time you could be using for your other internet marketing efforts that might be more valuable.   

2.      Wasted Content As It Relates To Search Engines 

Without the common SEO elements that add value for the search engines, it is difficult for the content in e-books to help your website’s search engine ranking.  The search engines can index the keywords in a PDF, but that is pretty much where the value of a PDF runs out in terms of search engine listings.  At least for the purpose of search engines, it would probably be more valuable to take the content that would otherwise be put into an e-book onto your website. 

An excellent strategy to accompany the existence of an e-book posted on your website is to require readers to sign-up for an e-mail newsletter of some sort.  Doing so will increase the marketing value of the e-book by developing another one of your marketing efforts.

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