In the past, we have covered the reasons for starting an email newsletter.  Related to the email newsletter subject is the use and reasons to send out emails to your email list.  Many businesses start email lists in order to keep all of their web site visitors and customers in one email database, further keeping them informed about the company.  These emails are very important for business development, customer involvement, and public relations. Following an unscientific poll of The Net Impact team members, the following list is the top five reasons to send emails to your email list, in no particular order. 

  1. Industry Changes Affecting Your Clients

If your industry best practices, legal issues or any other important items are changing, it can be important to keep your customers and clients informed of the changes.  Sending the information to your email list is an excellent way to keep your client base informed without putting forth too much effort.  It can also lead to further sales and long-term business for your company.   

  1. Changes to Your Services, Products, and Prices

Keeping customers and clients aware of changes in your services is definitely worthwhile.  Obviously, if your customers are aware of changes in your business, they are more likely to buy than if they were unaware of such additions or changes.  This provides an excellent opportunity to sell your products to new or existing customers. 

  1. Holiday Greetings and Promotions

If your products are seasonal or can be used as gifts, sending out promotions or holiday greetings is a great marketing move.  More and more people are buying gifts for the holiday season, and even online subscription services are becoming more popular for Holiday Season gift giving.  Either way, emails during the holidays are simply nice things to do in order to show your appreciation for your customers during the holidays. 

  1. Newsletters

This entry needs very little introduction.  As stated previously, newsletters are excellent ways to generate revenue on your blog and connect with current and prospective customers.  For more information about e-newsletters, visit the previous newsletter blog. 

  1. Price/Cost-Effective

The fact is that email is free, while there is a cost to “snail mail”.  Email still offers you the ability to transmit your message to the audience effectively, especially if your product is available online.  Many companies send out emails with announcements, coupons or offers that they would have sent through traditional mail five or 10 years ago.     

Seth Trachtman is a Web Marketing Account Manager for The Net Impact Web Design St. Louis.

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