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The List of Web Design Tools

Previously, we presented lists of internet marketing tools for beginners and advanced users.  Those tools are very helpful for anyone involved with web marketing, but web design enthusiasts also have plenty of great tools that deserve mention.  The following is a list of five web design tools for just about any webmaster. 

1. Automatic HTML to WordPress Conversion

Creating a WordPress design can be a daunting task if you don’t have design experience or PHP knowledge. can make this process much easier.  Simply upload you web site’s images, HTML, CSS, make a few small edits and ThemePress will do the rest of the work for you. does charge $10 to use the template after you get a look at it, but considering how much time you would likely be saving, it is probably well worth the money. 

2. Firefox Web Developer Toolbar and IE Developer Toolbar

The Firefox Web Developer Toolbar and IE Developer Toolbar make any web designer’s life easier.  The toolbars allow you to view and edit CSS on the page, edit images, validate code, and much more.  Having the ability to view these page elements saves a great deal of time, and some of the tools included are even unique to the toolbars.  Keep in mind that there are some differences between the Firefox and IE Developer Toolbars, just as there are with the actual browsers. 

3. Code Converter

Need to convert code and want to save time in the process?  The Code2HTML converter saves you time by converting small bits of code into different languages.  The online tool is like an English to foreign language dictionary for webmasters. 

4. Validation Errors/ADA Compliance

This is actually two different web sites, but they exist for a similar purpose. shows validation errors for any web site, allowing you to clean up any HTML errors present on your web site.  In addition, has an ADA Compliance tester that tells whether your web site is ADA compliant.  These are very important tools for any webmaster. 

5. W3 Schools is not actually a web design tool in the true sense of the word.  It is an extremely helpful resource for web designers.  The web site has tutorials and helpful resources for HTML, XHTML, CSS, and many other languages.  All of the information is well organized, and the tutorials and directions are easy to follow. 

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Seth Trachtman is a Web Marketing Account Manager for The Net Impact Web Design St.Louis.

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