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Two Words – For Search Queries

When choosing keywords, it is often difficult to determine which words you should focus on.  It is also difficult to determine how long each keyword phrase should be for your content.  Perhaps some new data will help. 

As reports, research firm OneStat claims from their data that about 32 percent of searches are two words.  Three word searches come in second place with 27 percent of searches, followed by one word searches with 15.2 percent, four words with 14.8 percent and five words with 6.5 percent. 

So now it is time to make some two word keyword phrases to target and off you go, right?  That is not necessarily the case. 

Search engines find keyword phrases in your page titles, content, headings, and just about everywhere else content is present.  In the process of finding this content, search engines may find the two word phrase that the searcher typed into the search engine field from a three word search, the three words you searched for from a four word phrase and so on. 

So what is the point of mentioning these statistics?  While knowing what types of searches are most popular is important, you should not avoid targeting lengthier phrases just because they are not as popular. For example, if you were to target the phrase “popular professional baseball equipment,” you would also be targeting “professional baseball,” “baseball equipment,” “popular professional baseball,” and “professional baseball equipment” in the process.  This point can seem all too obvious, yet often in the process of choosing the right keywords to target search engine optimizers forget about this valuable point.

Seth Trachtman is a Web Marketing Account Manager for The Net Impact Web Design St. Louis.

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