“Build it and they will come.” Really?

“Build it and they will come.” is a great movie line. It is also is a recipe for Internet disaster. Replace that phrase with, “Build it, make it informative, make it useful, keep it fresh, help them find it, get others talking about it, keep it interesting, get a lot of high quality links…and they will come. Unless, by the way, some other firm in your market space does all of that better.” Oh and don’t forget, “Building it tomorrow may be different than building it today and will be different than building it next year.”

The same is true for “Marketing it.” Anyone who works in the SEO industry knows that getting the “prime” key words for a site onto page one can be grueling. This is literally the top ten list. Your website earns its placement only by being better than the competition. This top ten list changes constantly as a new savvy player enters the space and old players become complacent. To be on page one for organic search in a competitive marketplace requires consistent thorough competitive research, technical correctness, fresh content, links from other authoritative sources, outbound marketing and market awareness. It’s a full contact sport.

Blogging for Traffic and Internal Benefit

Increasingly that sport includes social network site marketing as well. As an example, over the past six months we have created numerous blogs for our clients. These have been both for integration into their website and stand alone blogs that relate information about their company or a particular aspect of the firm that had its own story to tell. The resulting SEO improvement from the links and fresh optimized content has been consistent. In addition, when done properly, the new blogs will create great enthusiasm and excitement within the organization.

Social Marketing Examples

In another instance a client site has experienced a large increase in links and thus traffic from some effort in working with Del.icio.us and Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon in particular brought in unexpected traffic generated from Western Europe. The truth is, with social marketing, you genuinely do not know what will roll in with the tide of traffic. But through careful web analytics patrol and review, you can discover marketing gems that are delivered to your doorstep to nurture and improve. “Build it and they will come.” I really wish that were so…but then, what fun would that be?

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  1. I’ve been working in the field of internet/affiliate marketing for some years now (not as long as the so called “gurus”), and I’ve found it to be enjoyable as well as challenging with a hint of fickleness, but I’d certainly vouch for it, for those who are in between minds about marketing online. Anyway, excellent post, I picked up a few things as a result of it, cheers.

  2. Dave. B. on 17 Jun 2008

    Love the title of this article. The first paragraph says it all. I’ll send this to my business partner who thinks a one time investment in building the site is all that’s needed.

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