Marketing with a Microsite

Microsites can be a great opportunity to market events, promote new products or services, or support an advertising campaign. A microsite is a marketing driven website designed to deliver a particular message to a targeted audience. Microsites are generally fewer pages than a company’s primary website, but often microsites can be just as complicated to create as a traditional website because there is often more user interaction through forms and surveys designed to capture user feedback specific to the campaign.

One advantage of creating a microsite is that they make tracking conversions much easier because statistics can be gathered separately or tracked through links into your main website and flagged as a result of the marketing campaign. For example, we recently designed a marketing microsite with TricorBraun for a new ad campaign they are running called “Call TricorBraun.” The advertisements in this campaign directed visitors to a unique URL www.calltricorbraun.com where the marketing microsite was set-up. A unique URL is another advantage of a marketing microsite because all traffic can be directed to a URL that is specific to your campaign or event. This URL should be easy to spell and remember so that individuals who see your ads or hear about your product or event can find your site easily. The Call TricorBraun microsite was designed in the image and likeness of the print ad, so that visitors associated the site with the advertisement. A microsite gives you the flexibility to try a layout and design that may differ from your main site, but may be more conducive or specific to what you are promoting on your microsite. The Call TricorBraun microsite design also included survey and contact fields to collect customer data. Upon completing required fields the user was directed to a specific landing page on the primary TricorBraun website depending on survey responses.

Marketing microsites can range in size from one landing page to a couple of landing pages and a contact form, survey or order entry form depending on how much information you want to collect. As a general rule, a marketing microsite should be fairly concise. Remember this isn’t your main website. This website only needs to have information that is pertinent to the marketing campaign. Because this website is built for a marketing campaign or event it will also have a much shorter life span, so once your event is over the microsite has served its purpose.

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