SEM, Learn or…Go Do Something Else.

Some of the team for The Net Impact is  headed to the airport now.  Six of us responsible for client’s accounts are attending the Search Engine Strategy Conference in San Jose.  In my many years of sales and marketing management, I have never seen an industry where knowledge, and at that “current knowledge”,  is as much the currency of the  business as it is in search engine marketing.  Here, you’d better learn or you’d better go do something else.  In prior lives an entire team of mine has attended trade shows to purchase or sell goods for the next season.  In this business we are investing in what it will take to “purchase” knowledge.  And really not just knowledge but literally “disposable knowledge”.  What we gain from our exposure to other firms and new technologies may have a lasting shelf life, or it could all be worthless in six months.

The hardest aspect of our business to explain to others is this issue of meeting and competing on the web only at the most current level of knowledge and capablility.  The “constantly temporary” or ever-changing aspect of this business means that staying the same means falling behind.  We have several customers who after reaching serp page one have seen their rank under attack by competitors who have copied our approach or found an equally strong way to battle back.  What I love about our team is the, “Bring it on!” attitude they take on when that happens.

That’s really the addictive aspect of this business.  It is a constant competition where you can look at your results every day (if not every second)!   You succeed through effort, skill and “current” knowledge.  So here’s to San Jose.  May there be lot’s of intriguing information that generates new ideas and helps us better drive more business for our clients.  Even if we can throw most of what we learn away in six months.

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