Managing Your Online “Friendships”

Getting a Grip!

Can You Post, Comment, Link, Reply and Tweet Yourself into Stressville?

Whenever we speak to a group about social marketing, the common complaint is, “I just can’t keep up with it all!”  Many people are overwhelmed just trying to keep up with their volume of emails at work.  Much less everything else.  I have often thought, and maybe you can identify with this, you can spend all day responding to emails and still get absolutely nothing accomplished.  When do you initiate actions of your own?  If not, how does your own agenda move forward?

If keeping up with email volume is a tough one for you, how are you doing with Google alerts, tweets (Twitter), Linked In announcements, Plaxo bursts, Merchant Circle, Facebook walls,  Naymz alerts,  blog reader filling up….well you get the idea.  Oh wait, I almost forgot, occasionally your phone may ring or chime you with a new text.

What’s the famous ad say? “Wanna get away?”. Well you can’t really get away, not if your work involves staying in touch.  What you can do though is get it under control.

First things first.    This generation of tech workers is the same one that over-scheduled their kids (or increasingly, they are the kids that were over-scheduled).  You get conflicting calendars for sports, school, family and friends right?  How is your desktop any different?  You don’t need to Jones out over every, pinging, blinking and chiming application bearing your oh so clever user name.   How to cope?


Separate your professional network from you way-too-personal social network.  Like, oh yeah, tell your stepfather to send his viral emails to your Yahoo address.  You can read (or delete) those then at home.  Know the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook?  One’s a resume builder and one can be a resume killer.  Do you really want to engage your boss in Mafia war or send a drink to a co-worker? And how about those great beach party pictures from last summer?   Want those displayed for EVERYONE to see?  Thought not.


What are the “need to do’s”?  Email is an essential right?  How about the rest?  My advice is to pace yourself.  Got a blog, then yes, frequent refreshing content is essential.  Here is your personality on display.  Don’t fake it.  How about the rest of those social networking temptations?

Enjoy Yourself!

I love LinkedIn.  It has allowed me to keep up with a lot of professionals from my past and current work efforts in a positive structured environment.  How about all of those clubs you can join?  Some are way too overactive; some are so dead they shouldn’t even exist.  To me, if you feel stressed out about keeping up with a Linked In club, either ignore it or drop it.

I also enjoy Twitter.  It’s easy to relate to.  You can follow only those tweets you want to see, and you can log on and enter your own messages very easily for the benefit of your social network and colleagues.  If it is your goal to have more followers than Matt Cutts then go for it.  We all have ambitions.  If not, like with your blog, be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

Feel Good About Your Invested Time!

Other personal relationships of course exist with charitable and social organizations that are personal and important to you.  Well, that’s what the web 2.0 is all about.  Have at it, and please do make a difference.

The main point is don’t let your inbox, where ever it resides,  drive your day.  If you do well, then rest assured that Stressville is a pretty crowded place.  Take your mobile!

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