“The purpose of this meeting is to explain what it is your firm does.”

It was very kind of one of our clients to introduce us to a new prospect.  We had worked with this client for over a year in service areas ranging from design to technical mixed with a heavy dose of strategic meetings and social marketing campaigns.  The relationship has been great, one of those win-win pairings where we seem to always be on the same track.  Equally there is a healthy respect between “them and us” as there are no turf wars between IT and marketing teams.  (Which can sometimes happen when marketing talks to IT.)

Most of our new business these days comes from referrals or expanded business in satisfying additional needs from current clients.  So the request to “explain what you do” is a pretty normal one.  Our reply, “No problem, I’ll send you our information as it relates to your firm.”  Before doing so, out of curiosity, I pulled out an old “What We Do” document and compared it to more recent ones.  Wow.  It’s kind of like being away from a niece or a nephew for a few years and seeing them as they hit their teenage years.  Wow.

The “maturing” of your services can sneak up on you over time just like the growth and aging of the people around you.  You don’t recognize the difference in them (or in you) until you do a compare and contrast to old memories or old photos.  Especially true with drivers license or passport photos! This recognition changes your perspective.

In our case, this contrast and review made me think about the “What We Do” propaganda we currently send out.  In a typical interaction with a modern day web marketing client, what do we do?

Where we impact clients starts with their Internet strategy

  • What is the purpose of their site(s)?
  • Who (visitors) are they wanting to attract?  Multiple whos?
  • What do they want to tell them?
  • What do they want these visitors to do to support the firm?
  • How do they know if that is working?

We move on then to research and study:

  • Review of any and all analytics data
  • Study their competitive environment
  • Look at what makes that firm “unique”
  • Determine how that helps them on the web in a competitive manner
  • With that knowledge then we tackle tactical planning:


  • Create a plan to harness any existing social energy
  • Come up with ideas to create online awareness
  • Support their efforts, tech, design, content dev and analytics
  • Ideas to improve conversion

Finally we dive into communication and support:

  • Here’s what we know
  • Here’s what it leads us to
  • Here’s what needs to be done
  • Here’s how we can help if, when and where you need us

And, oh yeah, you need to keep it up. So, for many clients we perform:

  • Content development
  • Email marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Creative and design
  • Technical support, application development and hosting
  • Analytics review
  • Keep their team updated on trends and opportunities
  • And more…

So, in a quick synopsis, I guess what The Net Impact does today is help clients understand their current presence on the web, assist in developing strategy, confirm their plan, create actionable tactics and throw our support their way wherever, however and whenever required.

I wonder changes next year’s snapshot will bring?

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