The Risks of Performance and Integrity

Why We Do Not Sign Long Term Contracts

Every once in a while I get questioned with a concern from a new prospect that they may have to sign a long term contract.  With The Net Impact, the answer is “No.”  I guess the 12 month package is more common than not for a lot of SEO firms.  Especially those I would guess that have a “one size fits all” approach.  You know some of the firms I refer to, those that also love to send out spam in order to mine for new business.  Why would a web strategy firm EVER send out spam?  Automatic disqualifier.   Here’s an example of a message I received yesterday to my business email address.

“If you’re interested in showing up as a first page result for more search terms on Google and Yahoo, reply back with all addresses you’re looking to promote and the best number to contact you with details.”

No thanks, but do you have anything that comes with an Acai Berry Diet Plan?

Or this spam that I receive almost weekly from a very uninformed group, WSI:

“In recent communications, I described some of our many benefits that may help improve your organization.  You may be interested to know that during the past months WSI Integrated Web Solutions has helped other companies similar to yours.”…

Really? They do a lot of SEO work for a lot of SEO firms?

I don’t know if we are terribly right or terribly wrong, but I do feel that we strive for respect and integrity with each and every customer.  That is why we are unafraid to work on a month to month basis.  That is why we do not ask the client to take all of the risk. That is why we do not solicit business through spam or claim that we know your business if we do not.  Search engine marketing cannot be crammed down someone’s throat, especially a prepackaged plan that is supposed to fit all firms’ needs.

Quite the contrary; we go to great lengths to plan a strategy with each client.  We want to make certain that the plan we are looking at is right-sized and right-marketed.  Your goods and services fighting for attention and conversion in your marketplace using your strategy is unique to your needs.  We feel privileged to help and are as excited as you are when we make good progress together.

For The Net Impact, transparent results, regular updates and reports on progress against goals we set together allow us the opportunity to engage with our clients on a mutually rewarding basis.  So, there are risks in saying you will perform and being held accountable.  But, there is also integrity. Feeling trapped in a relationship is no good for anyone.

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