What is a “Traffic Based Design?”

“Why can’t I use all of my keywords on my homepage?”

SEO 101, check your university course catalog, will teach you that creating a page for a visitor means making it specific and exact to a topic.  In other words, if they are looking for ice cream, don’t also make the page content heavy on hot dogs just because you offer those too. 

This is the simple fundamental behind our trademarked Traffic Based Design theory.  The goal is to build great pages that attract and inform visitors in a way that focuses on the topic, uses only related keywords and delivers good traffic to the page.  This is THE cornerstone for a good SEO effort.

Remember from previous posts that a well designed web architecture will bring more organic and link driven traffic to your site from deep searches to interior pages.  Search is just not for the home page.  You may also recall from our writings that the home page of your site is really designed for visitors who already know you or at least know your name.  Well thought out and “funnel to goal” designed interior pages represent your best opportunities for landing traffic from raw searches for terms describing your goods or services.  So, what does a good Traffic Based Design site look like?   Try this:

Seven Step Traffic Based Design Exercise

  1. Determine “who” (visitors) you want to find your site.
  2. Determine “what” information, goods or services they may be looking for from you.
  3. Research what search terms they are using today from your site analytics.
  4. Determine through keyword research if those are the right, best and most popular terms to attract and inform your visitors.
  5. Create a landing page strategy for delivering those visitors with those specific terms (remember ice cream vs. hot dogs) to a single page. 
  6. Don’t crowd up the page to “squeeze” other or repetitive keywords in where they don’t belong.  Don’t forget tags, titles, headers, etc… are critical.
  7. Test, publish, review and change as indicated.

Remember this is very basic and really only the first step in the journey.  The goal with a Traffic Based Design is to get people TO your site.  Your landing page strategy should also determine ways to get visitors THROUGH the site to your conversion goal page.  The right calls to action, a good testing strategy and great content are all required to even get to first base.  And, no, first base is not the same as page one.

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