Twitter Twaffic

Do you or someone you know need a Twitter intervention?

Twitter suits my ADHD personality.  I am the guy who cannot stand calmly in a line.  I am the guy who doesn’t use drive-through because it takes too long.  I am the guy who thinks, but does not say, “Are we there yet?” on every road trip.  So, yeah, I love Twitter.  I even get cute with it.  I actually used the phrase “tweet twaffic” the other day.    I’ve tried multiple tools put on the BlackBerry, uploaded them while standing in a line.  Yeah, personally hooked. @TNIMAN has become my new identity.

I’m not only personally hooked, but professionally hooked.  I am very enthused about what Twitter brings to the conversation on the web.  Earlier today, I saw a member named @SEOBeanSpiller who says he, she, it, they will be “spilling the beans” on other sites SEO tricks.  Fun idea, wish I’d thought of it.  I hope they follow through.  Also, finding from those business friends, I follow an unending flow regarding events, activities and updates.  From this far-flung community, I also get some great ideas.  It’s not surprising that you create a bond, but I am surprised how strong the bond becomes between people when you have this community chatter regarding your and their activities.  You find yourself rooting for them as they go into appointments and celebrating with them when they have a victory.  The informal nature of the 140 character dialogue lends itself to cozy, personal, one-to-one phrasing even if it really is a one- to-one hundred followers conversation.  I cheered the other day when someone else’s kid got a hit in a ballgame I wasn’t attending except through Twitter.

Professionally, as well, I find it refreshing how many people retweet “RT” an interesting post or article in order to share their interests and create conversation.  When you find something interesting to share, sharing URLs is made possible by tinyurl.com and the like allowing you to chuck a lot of link info into your updates.  Look at the way as well that media outlets have jumped on this new method of burst distribution of their content.  Is there a major newspaper, magazine or broadcast that isn’t tweeting its heart out?  And how about e-commerce sites?  This is a perfect venue for a firm like Woot.com.  Check out @woot.  As an online retailer, if you are building a new e-commerce website, don’t you have to consider this platform for your customer interactions?

Lastly, got to love the way entrepreneurs gather around a new idea.  IPhone app millionaires and Twitter shops are really bringing excitement for an entire new generation of developers. So, thank you Twitter for the entertainment, interesting dialogue and opportunity to share.  What’s next?

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  1. Steve Thomas on 12 Jun 2009

    Thanks Scott. I know you are highly active on Twitter as @n3bu1a. Great work! I enjoy meeting your followers as well.

  2. Scott Allender on 12 Jun 2009

    Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the quick thoughts and ideas regarding SEO specifically and just the general thoughts.

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