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On Thursday night The Net Impact Team proudly opened the doors to their new office location to share with friends what they learned at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose in August. The discussion, led by Steve Thomas, President of the Net Impact, and Greg Alexander, CEO of Unidev, focused on the magnitude of social media networks in today’s society. After all, what better way than a “social” get- together to talk about social media?

Everyone has noticed the recent explosion of social media in publicity, but many still feel left in the dark when it comes to the ever-changing realm of social networking. The engaging discussion, intended to bring more understanding and awareness of the social media phenomenon, touched on  topics such as: the importance of staying up- to-date with social networking trends, the impact of social media on Google, social media and driving traffic  to your site, social media and advertising, user generated content, the power of Twitter and much more.


SES Session 8-27 012

Steve Thomas, President of The Net Impact, leading a discussion on social media strategies


Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Blogging, YouTube, Flickr, Linked-In, Ning, and the list goes on… and on…

With all of the ways to connect and all of the social networking platforms emerging and fading, it is easy to get lost in translation. It can also be difficult to decide which social media option will best suit your business.  Steve and Greg stressed the importance of constantly being up-to-date of the changes and trends in social media. Just last year at this time Myspace was the hottest social media site, but this year Facebook blew it out of the water with an astounding 300 million users.
A successful website in today’s society is defined as a site receiving as much traffic from social media as from search engines. Some companies are even hiring “tweetmasters”, who spend their time exchanging information on twitter in order to increase brand equity. Twitter, which has skyrocketed this year with 30 million users, is increasingly becoming an effective tool for businesses to exchange information and generate new leads. The Net Impact, like many other companies, is working on integrating social media practices into their culture, rather than as a task on a to-do list.  When working on a project that you are excited about, it is important to be able to share that information with others. When social media becomes a consistent and natural practice, is when it can be the most effective.

Social media is a force to be dealt with and it is only going to continue to expand and transform, but in order to receive something from social media, you have to be willing to put the necessary time and effort into it. Overall the participants in the SES Session were left with a lot of information and new ideas to soak in. Many left saying they were inspired to test out the new social media strategies with their business or make some suggestions regarding social media efforts to their clients. The first of The Net Impact’s informational sessions proved to be a success. The Net Impact Team would like to thank everyone who participated and is looking forward to having many more interesting informational sessions to come!

The most important lesson learned from the SES Session: hit the ground running when it comes to social media. Jump in the conversation, share thoughts and ideas, try new ideas to see what works and DON’T be afraid to get creative. Just get in the game, and most importantly, social media can be pretty fun…

Check out a quick video from last night’s social media discussion

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