What To Do With Our New SES Knowledge?

Fresh Back from San Jose and Spreading the Word! “The web has changed again!”

A brief (and maybe boring) history review:

A decade ago, having an online presence seemed like it was enough for many businesses.  Then, with the advent of the search engines, the web changed.  Having a website that was prominent in search rankings for your keywords organically and possibly through paid search became essential.  It of course still is.  Yet, it is no longer enough to just have a site that is optimized.  Why? Because everyone is optimized!  Sites that have undergone  SEO or search engine optimization are the rule and not the exception.

The Net Impact team spent the past four days in San Jose at the Search Engine Strategies conference.  Five of our people, four days of seminars and an unbelievable amount of great information.  We are happy to report to you that once again, “The web has changed again!” In case you didn’t know, your brand’s online reflection now belongs to the world at large which means that your online brand needs to be relevant.  It must engage your visitors.  It belongs to your customers as much as it belongs to your firm.   You already knew this right?  The question has been, “What are you doing about it?”

Today, what your customers, competition and employees say about your firm online is just as important as what you say about your firm. This is Web 2.0.  The Internet belongs to the people, not to the search engines. The need to find the right strategy in this social, new and confusing community driven web world is critical.  You know FaceBook has over 300 million users right?  You know Twitter has about 30 million right?  You know that you should somehow embrace all of this, right?

So, how do you become involved?  How do you choose to engage?  Some firms just rush out and start creating social sites, deploy some content and hope something sticks.  That can be both wasteful and dangerous.  You can actually harm your reputation with this poorly thought out approach.

It’s ironic that The Net Impact has gained a lot of experience in social media without really intending to.  Our philosophy is “We go where the web goes!” and today, that means community.  Along with our traditional web marketing services, The Net Impact is on retainer for non-profits, E-commerce firms and B2B companies in order to assist in developing social strategies and in their execution.  Here are some examples:

  • For one of our clients, UsersFirst.org, their site received more traffic from FaceBook than from organic search three days after launch.
  • Many of our client firms use Twitter very effectively.  Several clients have hundreds of followers.
  • Over three quarters of our clients regularly post to their blogs.
  • We regularly hold Web 2.0 seminars and Twitter Twaining sessions.
  • We have a client who employs a “Tweetmaster”.
  • We regularly monitor the online “buzz” for our firms.  Customers complain (and compliment) in a lot of ways, including blogs, message boards and Twitter.
  • We  create  online faces to the world through the right community sites for each firm including, but not restricted to, (and where appropriate), FaceBook, YouTube, Flickr, Linked-In, Ning, Twitter and others.
  • We also provide analysis with data that reports back to clients about Social Media KPI’s
  • I am proud to serve  The American Marketing Association in St. Louis as Social Media Vice President.

Every seminar we attend brings in so many new ideas that we get into a rush to share them.  To our clients and partners I need to warn you, “Here comes the fire-hose!”  If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me directly.  Steve.Thomas@TheNetImpact.com.

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