New Office Improvements Mirror Company’s Growth

When stepping inside the new office location of The Net Impact, don’t be surprised to find a number of client meetings taking place at once, the latest technology in the conference rooms, team brainstorming meetings, employees hard at work and not to mention, a beautiful view. The size and improvements of the new location are  a reflection of our company’s continued business and team member growth

office space 1

SEO Firm's New Office in Chesterfield, MO

The doors to the new office for Unidev and The Net Impact opened on August 4, 2009.  Our new Chesterfield location provides a larger office space with improved facilities for client meetings, demonstrations, training and seminars. The new office space was intentionally designed to create an open environment that gives each employee ample space and natural light, while still maintaining a great deal of individual privacy. The open design allows easy team “rollup” meetings and also provides the option of meeting in privacy in one of the 6 conference areas for both online and whiteboard meetings.

“The new layout offers each individual operating group (Unidev, Auctori and The Net Impact) to work together in proximity and allows the exchange of shared information and skills sets across teams without disruption,” said Greg Alexander, CEO of Unidev.

The new office is located in The Dierberg’s building at 16690 Swingley Ridge Road in Chesterfield, Missouri. We are thrilled to be sharing our office space with the Dierberg’s team. They got us into our space right on time and just as we envisioned it.


Check out more pictures of the new office space!


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