Integrating Your Website With Social Media Exposes Your Brand to the Masses

Just a year ago, it was unheard of to combine microsites with social media to get your message out to current clients and potential customers in a more effective and cost-efficient way. What respectable business had a Facebook site and who in the world tweeted?  But, 2009’s explosion of social media has generated many techniques to create dialogue and receive feedback in  ways never before imagined.  Yes, your firm can Facebook and tweet in a professional and productive manner.

In this generation of user-generated content, companies are realizing they cannot only expect consumers to find them through the major search engines. While this is still fundamental and a website functions as a primary means to entice the consumer to “meet” the company, many businesses have also invested time in using social media networks to go directly to where their consumers “meet”. Especially in today’s economy when many companies are looking to cut back on their marketing budgets, the low cost of creating a social media site to establish an online brand presence and generate leads is a quick, inexpensive and effective solution.

So does the growing popularity of social media sites kill the need for a website? ….We don’t think so.

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An effective marketing strategy integrates your website with a variety of media approaches, social media networks being an important piece of this puzzle. The benefits of having a company website are endless, and websites are a marketing tool that social media sites simply cannot match. The real time attribute of a social media site occurs when a social media profile is viewed as a tool to enhance a website. Updating your company’s web page and your social media profiles at the same time, can produce links with indefinite visibility, which in return has the potential to increase overall traffic and conversion to your site. Social media sites can also enhance the visual appeal and overall feel of your website by providing a more interactive experience for visitors. By incorporating social media features, such as YouTube videos or blogs, into your website, you can create your own brand focused community that allows for user generated content.

Think of social networks as a friendly gateway to your company website or microsite. Seeding your site with social networks spreads content far and wide through search engines, as well as through contacts who are already a part of your social networking communities – places where rapport has already been established. People tend to share their experiences, good or bad, with their social networking communities – people they have built a connection with. So find out where your audience’s conversations are taking place and establish a strong presence. When social media sites are operated effectively they have the power to steer your audience to your website, resonate with your visitors, humanize your brand and deliver content to the masses in the click of a mouse.

Social media sites function to grab your visitor’s attention and leave them wanting to come to your site to learn more; so, make your messages intriguing, your profile informative and the look of your social media site attractive. Every photo you put up on Facebook, every message mashed into 140 words on Twitter and every story-telling video posted on YouTube reflects your company’s image and message, and may just be the “link” that drives the next big business deal to your website.

The Net Impact can help you incorporate social  media into a creative and well-designed marketing campaign which encompasses the planning, listening, understanding, engaging and monitoring of your company’s social media accounts.

We understand that in this economy, many companies are cutting back on their marketing efforts. Contact The Net Impact to learn how we can help you expose your brand without breaking your budget!

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  2. Sean on 08 Oct 2009

    What a Fantastic Article!

    The explosion of Social Media and Social Media Marketing is truly a revolution in my opinion. And facebook / twitter can be the vehicles to explode a businesses bottom line if used properly.

    I recently came across a new Search Engine that is worth checking out!

    This is positioned right now as a Twitter Search Engine, although it seems as if they are positioning themselves as the go to search engine for all of Social Media with their recent release of their
    Facebook Search (beta)

    This Twitter Search Engine / Social Media Search Engine incorporates the power of Google but is specific to Twitter and one of the best Twitter tools for targeted Niche Research that I have found….
    and now they have upped the anty with their Rockin Facebook Search!

    All the results are from Twitter or Facbook. This is a very clean, simple but Powerful Search Engine!…
    Unlike other Twitter Search Sites Twuugle is free from all the noise and enables you to hone in on specifics.

    Apparently they have quite a few releases planned that will be incorporating things like Twitters planned release of the geolocator, Twitter apps, video’s and more…. including an advanced search feature.

    There is so much happening in the world of Social Media it is almost too difficult to keep up with!
    But businesses who understand Social Media will undoubtably grow as a result of proper use of it.

    Love your articles! Keep em coming :-) And be sure to check out Twuugle
    I love it!


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