Understanding how to track the success of your website
On Wednesday, November 11, Erica Scharringhausen, Internet Marketing Manager and Google Ad Word Certified Professional, led a seminar at The Net Impact on Google Analytics and its importance to tracking the success of your website traffic and conversion. This seminar introduced basic fundamentals including tracking referral sources, identifying visitor preferences, and using analytics to improve web design and content.

 The presentation focused on:

Understanding your Google Analytics Dashboard

-Navigating the Google Analytics report suite

-Defining the metrics that matter most

-Setting up goals to track conversion

The engaging conversation highlighted all of the advantages, latest features and benefits of Google Analytics. One of the topics covered was tracking social media traffic. Erica emphasized the importantance of tracking social media sites on the campaign level to effectively gather and analyze social media analytics.With Google Analytics, you can thoroughly analyze results using the various filters and components Google Analytics offers.  For example, tracking social networking sites will show you social media traffic sources in relation to your overall site traffic. This will in turn give you a good idea of which social media tools are working most effectively for your brand.


Web Account Manager, Erica Sharinghausen leading the discussion on understanding your Google Analytics Dashboard

Web Account Manager, Erica Sharinghausen leading the discussion on understanding your Google Analytics Dashboard

What is a good bounce rate for my website?” …. “How do I track my Facebook Advertising? … “What metrics should I pay the most attention to?”

These were just a few of the questions answered “at The Net Impact’s Introduction to Google Analytics seminar, which was geared to introduce business professionals to the basics of web analytics. Erica shared valuable insights on how to utilize Google Analytics to optimize online marketing, improve website performance and increase conversions.  Attendees left with a better understanding of how Google Analytics works and what tools and reports would best serve their individual business.

“The Net Impact’s  Introduction to Google Analytics Seminar was extremely interesting and informative.  Erica Scharringhausen’s demonstration of Google Analytics’ dynamic, comprehensive reports, customizable dashboard, and intuitive usability made a believer out of me,” said seminar attendee Linda Bogie.


The Most Important lessons learned from the presentation

– Adjust spending on paid keywords that have high bounce rates

– Identify your problem – unpaid keywords with high bounce rates

– Identify landing pages that need to be more relevant or need stronger calls to action

-Setting up goals to track online success


The Net Impact Team would like to thank everyone who participated in the Introduction to Google Analytic Seminar and we are  looking forward to having many more interesting informational sessions to come!

Check out these great photos and videos from Wednesday night’s seminar!


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