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Your logo design is a key part of your company’s Internet marketing strategy. In order to establish brand identity, your logo should be instantly recognizable, reflect confidence and credibility in your company, while communicating who you are and what you do. Your logo is much more than a symbol or image, it essentially becomes the face of your company.

Tied in with an effective look and feel, a good logo can have an instant “Ah-Ha” factor with people who have seen your company’s advertising or website. Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Google, Nike, Target….. I don’t even need to show these iconic logos, because we all have them imprinted in our minds. These recognizable images are incorporated into all aspects of these brands’ marketing strategies, including their social media networks, television advertisements and print and website design. The consistency of logo use creates a cohesive campaign and image that becomes almost inseparable from your brand.  
So you want to design a logo, but where do you begin?! Creating a logo is not only a matter of “creativity”, it also requires knowledge, discipline and organization. It is important to understand the needs of your client in order to effectively offer the solution that meets their objectives. The word logo means “idea, thought or word”. Having a solid concept, or idea, can translate all the client’s needs and give the web design team something to work from to visually communicate these ideas.
A logo The Net Impact team recently designed was for the “Change a Mind, Change a Life” Event. This event, which will take place the weekend of April 16th in St. Louis, is an unprecedented mental health awareness and anti-stigma campaign created by the joint efforts of the Karla Smith Foundation, BringChange2Mind and Glenn Close.
After meeting with the members of the Karla Smith Foundation, and getting the requirements and guidelines for the logo from the organization, three designers worked to create the perfect logo for the highly- anticipated event. KSF told the design team they wanted the logo to be “esoteric” and consist of an image of a head or a mind. So, after visiting dictionary.com, the three designers independently put their thoughts into designs and each came up with their own ideas for the logo. After collaborating and discussing all of their viewpoints, they shared all of the ideas to the customer to see what direction the customer was leaning towards.
The end result:   


In creating the logo as a team, the designers were able to build on each individual’s strengths and bring more options to the table when presenting to the client. There are many famous logos that were created using the tag team design method, including the recently redesigned iconic MTV Logo, which was originally designed by Frank Olinsky and a team of designers.At the Net Impact, we understand how critical logo design is, and will work with your company to produce a logo solution that meets your objectives. To learn more about The Net Impact’s logo design services, contact us today!

What innovative strategies do you use when creating a custom logo design?   


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