Auctori:city, a Microsoft Certified web content management system designed specifically for municipalities and built for search engine optimization, launched on June 9, 2010. A silo of the Auctori, an innovation of Unidev, the city content management system was created to meet the specific online needs of city and government websites.

Auctori:city has partnered with The Net Impact to offer custom web design and Internet marketing services to Auctori:city clients. In addition to city web design and Internet marketing services, through this partnership, Auctori:city offers social media marketing services such as city social media design and management. With the Auctori:city Facebook module, an article, news, event update or press release will automatically populate a city’s Facebook page through an RSS feed. This option saves time and effort for Auctori:city users by allowing them to keep their social media marketing current from one main interface. In addition, Auctori:city allows you to have multiple RSS feeds for different social media applications.

“Today’s citizens want a more active, participatory relationship with their government and to have 24/7 access to reliable and valuable information that affects their everyday lives, and there is no better vehicle to reach a community than a city’s website,” said Steve Thomas, President of The Net Impact. “We are proud to partner with Auctori:city to offer cities a functionality-based website that improves the direct interaction with their community.”

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