Social Media, Blogging and Technology in the Public Relations Industry

On Friday November 5th, I attended the Public Relations Society of St. Louis’ Technology Day at Maryville University. The sessions at this half-day workshop focused on how technology has impacted the changing landscape of the public relations industry and provided strategic views on how to leverage technology to boost your company’s public relations efforts.

With presentation topics ranging from social media marketing, blog marketing, web analytics, video production, email marketing and digital branding – it was tough to pick which three sessions I wanted to attend. Below is a quick rundown of the presentations I participated in and some useful tips and facts I acquired at PRSA Tech Day.

• “Leveraging Your Brand in a Digital World”- Michael Pranikoff ( @mpranikoff ) Global Director of Emerging Media for PR Newswire

With at least 72% of Internet users being a part of at least one social network and 57% of users sharing links to news stories via social channels; learning to leverage, monitor and measure social media to monitor your company’s brand is becoming vital. As learned in this very informational, and perhaps my favorite session of the conference, today in PR we are seeing a shift from brand voice to social voice (in other words, your brand is what others say it is). In using specific examples- such as Starbuck’s My Idea Campaign’s use of crowd sourcing, Pranikoff stressed the importance of PR, marketing and advertising working together to share one message. The most surprising fact I learned from this session was in 2010 there will be more content created than in the history of mankind! So how do you get your content found amongst the crowd online? Make sure your content is accessible, easy to view and easy to use – use social media to make your content directional!

Check out Pranikoff’s presentation on slideshare!


Michael Pranikoff, Global Director of Emerging Media at PR Newswire, presenting at PRSA STL Tech Day 2010

Presenter Michael Pranikoff of PR Newswire

 “Blogger Relations”-  Todd Jordan ( @Tojosan ), St. Louis Bloggers Guild

Creating quality relationships with bloggers is one of the most cost effective and beneficial Internet marketing strategies you can use in your public relations endeavors. So how do you find the right bloggers to connect with in the first place? On twitter and other social networks, google searches, blogging conferences, and through other sources. Make sure the selected bloggers are people who will care about your company and your news, or else you will just waste their time as well as your own. Don’t just pitch to bloggers like you would to a journalist – get in their inner circle by listening and participating. A great tip I learned to improve these relations: notify a blogger 24 hours before your news hits the wire. This is a great way to let the blogger know their opinion matters enough to you and your organization to notify them first. Remember – blogging is all about rewards, how will the blogger benefit from your relationship? Keep this important factor in mind when starting your outreach. The most impressive part of this presentation was Jordan’s evident passion for blogging. The tactics and strategies shared in this session to improve blogger relations came from an excellent source with a great deal of experience in the blogging world. As bloggers are becoming increasingly important influencers for brands all over the globe, maintaining good blogger relations can be critical to keeping your brand at the top of the mind of your consumers.

Check out some Tweets from Jordan’s audience at PRSA Tech Day!

• “Using Advanced Features of Facebook and Twitter”- Ed Mayuga ( @elmayuga ) AMM Communications

This informational session covered the less-known features of Social Networks. Mayuga opened the discussion with Facebook’s privacy settings. These settings are important to consistently check since Facebook changes them so frequently. Mayuga also went over how to add various groups to your Facebook account in order to share information with the correct audience, since in most cases – Facebook users want to direct their information to specific groups of people (such as  family, friends and work colleagues). Also covered in this session was FBML static pages. Mayuga suggested using @marismith as a good resource for FBML tip and other social media strategies. A few of the social media tools Mayuga suggested to test out are Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Listorious and PRlog. Learning more about this advanced features can help your business get ahead of the social media curve.

Thanks to sponsors PR Newswire and Maryville University for putting together this informative PRSA St. Louis event, looking forward to next year. In case you missed  PRSA- STL’s workshop on Friday – Check out the hashtag #PRSATECHDAY!

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