Local Search Engine Optimization Places Your Business in Front of People Who Take Action 

The Yellow Pages are pretty much dead, TV advertising is pricey and sometimes print advertising just doesn’t really get the job done. With more and more people searching for local businesses online, search engine optimization has become the most effective way for local businesses to bring back existing customers and draw in new ones. 

Local search marketing focuses on elevating the visibility of a local business in the search engines so that it can be found (and clicked) earlier and more often in the search results by consumers who search online for local businesses. The goal of executing a local SEO Internet marketing campaign is to let the search engines know that you’re one of the 10 best resources on the Internet for users in these localities, who are interested in topics that are relevant to your website. Create high quality content that is good enough to rank in the top ten search results, and facilitate the kind of link connectivity that the search engines expect to see around that type of resource. The result will be a website that provides a better user experience based on targeted content and one that ranks well in popular search engines for relevant keywords.

More and more local businesses are becoming aware that consumers are using the Internet to find out information about their products or services before making a purchase. This information is confirmed in study after study such as that done by The Kelsey Group which has discovered that the amount of consumers doing online researLocal SEOch for local products or services has reached 97%. 

• 90% use search engines
• 48% use the Internet Yellow Pages
• 42% use comparison shopping sites
• 24% use vertical sites 

People who use search engines to find local businesses and local business information do not search just for the sake of searching. They search for the sake of finding. And when they find, they take action, as the Nielsen/WebVisible study cited: 

• 70% will call the phone number on a website
• 60% have referred a business they found on the Internet to a friend
• 52% always or often research online first, then follow up with an offline purchase from a local business
• 14% will send a business they found online an email
• 11% will fill out an online form 

With numbers like these, the rate of conversion for people searching for local businesses means that local search marketing doesn’t just expose a business to a large crowd; it exposes a business to the right crowd – people that are ready to take action. Search engines are well aware of the importance of search engine marketing at the local business level. For example: Google recently announced that 20% of all Google searches have a local intent behind them (that number climbed to about 33% for Google searches via mobile devices). 

Whether your business is a major corporation with locations in cities all across the country or all over the world or it’s a small business with a single location, local search marketing is essential to online marketing success if it depends at all on local clientele. Local Internet marketing is still on the cutting edge, and those local business owners who act fast have the potential to increase their market share dramatically. 

Here are six tips from The Net Impact to boost your website rankings in local search:

1. Claim your local business listing at the various local listing websites ( Ex: Google, Bing, Yahoo..) 

2. Update your local business listing with information about your business, product and services. Include all of the information you can (photos, videos, coupons, discounts, offers and promotions are great!) 

3. Maintain and manage your local business listing regularly to keep up to day with changes such as the relocation of your office. 

4. Get customers to post reviews about your business, products and services on your local business listing. You can suggest they post their review at one or multiple local listing websites, however, the local consumer will ultimately be the one to decide which and how many of the local listing websites they are will to submit their reviews. A great site to check out reviews is Yelp! 

5. Don’t forget to add your businesses on local Maps.  As Google, Yahoo and Bing start showing Map listings above organic searches it’s important to at least list your business in Local Business Centers. Many other factors encourage more and more users to add their business in local listings. – plus it is usually free to add businesses in local maps and directories ( some search engines like Yahoo charge a fee for Enhanced features). 

6. Spread the world about your business around the web – outside of your local business listing (such as Social Media Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). Social factors can influence standard search results, as well as queries made specifically on social search engines.  

In conclusion – Optimizing for local search is a great way to Geo-target your search traffic and drive customers to your brick and mortar location, while placing your company a step ahead of your competition. Leverage search to show clients where you are and how to get there. This is the perfect way to tie your online presence to your actual location.

Local customers are looking for your services online and The Net Impact can help you be found in search engines. Our services provide local businesses and professionals a presence on popular search engines that, when setup properly, will lead to top of search result placement. Contact The Net Impact today to boost your local business!

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  1. Anonymous on 18 Jun 2013

    yeah!! you right dear post admin; Local listing is very very important to show your stuff to your audience and niche people….

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    Nice Post…

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