Free smart phone apps like Google Maps, KakaoTalk, YouTube, Facebook, and Pandora, all better our daily lives. But for Earth Day 2011, the team at Unidev and The Net Impact is putting aside our selfish technological whims and focusing on five free apps that better the environment by reducing wasted paper and other materials

Evernote Application Home PageEvernote is a simple note-taking application, which allows users to type, draw, capture or record notes and then sync those notes to their Evernote web account, a hard drive widget (PC or Mac) and a smart phone. Millions use Evernote each day to keep track of meeting notes, sideconversations and daily tasks. Evernote’s built-in OCR capabilities allow users to search image text as if it were typed text. No more wire bound Mead 5-Subject notebooks here.

Checklist Lite is free but comes with a few “in-app” ads.  As a devoted Post-it® note user, this app helps me save a ton of Post-its.  It also allows me to create reusable checklists for grocery shopping, weekend trip packing and monthly “to-dos”.

Mobile Boarding Pass. Type the search term “boarding pass” into the Android Market search bar and it returns 11 airline mobile apps on the first page. The American Airlines, Delta and KLM apps top the list as the most downloaded airline apps.  Not only will these apps allow users to check-in remotely (avoiding those long hotel kiosk lines), they also display flight schedules, flight status, manage travel details and even download games.  Your carry-on just got a little more earth-friendly.

Expense Manager eliminates the need to collect receipts and stuff them in coffee mugs for later review (oh, you don’t do that?).  Whether you save receipts or not, Expense Manager makes it easy to track your income, expenses and account history.  Users can schedule payments and recurring transfers, set up custom expense categories and export important data.  This is mobile banking at its finest (and free-est).  And no thank you, I do not need a copy of the receipt.

iScrap, the final app on our list, allows users to locate nearby scrap yards, calculate scrap pick-up pricing, request containers at a specific site, take and send pictures of materials for asking disposal questions and more.  iScrap takes the guess work out of recycling and disposal research, so there is no question that materials have been disposed of in the most earth-friendly manner.

This concludes the Earth Day Mobile App post.  Interested in building your own mobile app?  Contact us on Twitter at @TheNetImpact or email us at

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