Social media is a powerful element of the modern business environment. Social media savvy consumers strongly impact a brand’s identity and its success. Social Media Monitoring Tools track keywords on these networks and aggregate the data into useful reports. Social monitoring reports can identify a brand’s popular social networks, influential users, keywords and consumer sentiment.

However, with the vast array of monitoring tools available, it’s essential that a business finds the right fit. To help clarify, we took a look at some of the top social media monitoring tools: Alterian SM2, Lithium Social Media Monitoring, Radian6 Dashboard, Sysomos, Attensity 360, Hubspot, and Viralheat.

Graphic Comparison of Social Media Monitoring Tools

Prices vary from $1500 per month to under $100 per month, so it’s important to consider the functionality needed and resources available. The most advanced tools provide detailed, sophisticated reports and allow direct comparison against competitors. Also consider workflow needs when selecting a monitoring tool. A strong integrated workflow helps account users collaborate and coordinate when responding to social media posts and most importantly, it allows social media managers to track influential social network users. Lastly, it’s important to take into account user interface and reporting capabilities. A tool can be far more effective when the interface is intuitive and the reports are informative.

Social media monitoring tools allow a business to better understand its consumers and the state of its brand. With so many varied tools available, there are numerous options for any organization looking to listen and engage with social networks. For more information on effective social media strategies, contact The Net Impact.

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