If Google’s product launch history were a wave (no pun intended), this is what it would look like.
Google Plus is Google’s latest social network that, according to Mashable, “turns all of Google into one giant social network”. But we’ve got a big question. Is Google Plus just going to be a repeat of Google Wave? Or is it here to stay. It seems like Google launches a new product or acquires a new company every week. So we did a little deep dive into Google’s product launch history to help us answer that question.

It’s really not that difficult, Google’s company timeline is a well-maintained list of fun, historical company information, social responsible projects and of course, their product launches starting with the naming of Google in 1997. We counted product launches, a few game-changing product updates and major company acquisitions using the Google corporate history timeline. Our tally came to nearly 102 products and acquisitions (although I’m sure we missed a few). You can’t blame us, with that much going on, we’d be surprised if even Google could keep track!

We’ve provided the annual product launch breakdown in the graph below. It shows how many products launched each year starting in 1997 and when a few of Google’s most distinguished products launched:

Google product acquisition timeline graph

Google Plus is the latest social network launched by Google.


Our list of Google product launches and acquisitions includes Google’s launch, the acquisition of Blogger, Gmail, Google Earth, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Reader, the acquisition of YouTube, Android, Google Chrome, Google Wave, Google TV, Google Plus and more. This list of launches and acquisitions spans five pages, 313 words and over 3,260 characters. Several of the products have experienced success, several no longer exist, and several are waiting to find out.

So what will happen to Google Plus? Only time will tell. But we certainly wish it the very best of luck!!

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