What triggers conversion? How does neuropsychology impact your marketing and communication efforts?  Key points from the SES opening keynote from Susan Bratton of Dishylist.

1. Success = Traffic + Conversions (most companies struggle with both!)

2. Copy is great! But your offer your product or service is paramount.

This brings Susan to the 4 Realms of Persuasion Marketing.

1. Structured Communication
Certain actions elicit specific results from customers.

2. Story-telling
In any medium, telling a good story and understanding nuances of communication will make a positive impact.  Use story-telling to convey benefits in a fun way.  Tell stories on your website, in webinars, interviews, etc. 

3. Copywriting
Join a mastermind group to find like-minded people with different acquired skills. You need feedback on copy and marketing tactics.

4. Neuromarketing
How well do you know your customer?  How do you use that knowledge to connect customers to your product?  Use keywords and have conversations with that audience. Sometimes a few long conversations will provide more insight than 1,000 web generated surveys.

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