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 Worth a Look

  • Of course, the major news in the tech industry today is the resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple. While he is stepping down, Mr. Jobs remains involved in Apple operations as Chairman of the Board. Still, it is a clear time of transition for Apple. This article on AdAge takes a look at Steve Job’s major contributions to Apple and the profound impact his work has had on the consumer electronics world.
  • Google Panda, the major update to Google’s search algorithm, had its six month anniversary earlier this week. Since its inception, Panda has been a source of contention among the SEO community. Focusing on the user experience more than ever, the algorithm change has caused some traditional search powerhouses to lose traffic, while many competitors are adapting quickly to rise in the rankings. This post from Search Engine Watch highlights some of the challenges that Panda presents to the dynamic field of search engine optimization.

Trending Searches

Rising Searches from Google Insights – Computers and Electronics

Tech searches this week have been dominated by the HP touchpad. HP announced its decision to end its support of their tablet, leading retailers to slash prices as low as $99. Many consumers saw this as an opportunity to enter the tablet market at a low price. Demand for the touchpad is high, as many retailers online and off are selling out.

  1. 1. best buy touchpad (Breakout)
  2. 2. hp touchpad  (Breakout)
  3. 3. hp touchpad android (Breakout)
  4. 4. hp touchpad sale (Breakout)
  5. 5. hp touchpad (+2,850%)
  6. 6. hp touch pad (+2,000%)
  7. 7. touchpad (+2,000%)
  8. 8. hp tablet (+1,250%)
  9. 9. hp touchpad review (+1,000%)
  10. 10. webos (+750%)

TNI Partner Spotlight

  • Nawgan Products (@DrinkNawgan) announced a major international investment this week from Japanese brewer Kirin Holdings. Congratulations to Nawgan for continuing to grow. We love to see clients making waves globally!
  • This weekend Belleville, IL nonprofit the Karla Smith Foundation (@KSF_Hope) hosts the Erase the Stigma conference. This two day event will feature speakers and presentations on the challenges of mental illness and mental health advocacy. Good luck this weekend!
    Here’s a great feature from a local news network on Linq 360 and their mission to bring new firms to the growing tech industry in Las Vegas. Unidev was eager to be part of this movement, opening Las Vegas offices earlier this summer.

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