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 Worth a Look

  • When Google Plus arrived earlier this year, the new social network represented the first major competition for Facebook. In order to stay on top, this past week Facebook made some major changes that will seem quite familiar to Google+ users. In response to Google Plus’ “Circles” feature, we saw an overhaul to Facebook’s privacy settings allowing simple “in-line” control over who can see posts (via @RobDYoungWrites). This weekend also brought an update to Facebook’s photo viewer, increasing image size and making the interface cleaner, whiter and much more evocative of Google+.
  • Looking for a fun use of mobile technology? Check out this article about an Italian restaurant in New York run completely on iPads. This equipment upgrade from $1.50 notepads has made major increases in efficiency and savings, according to the owners. (via @redletterdave)
  • With social media playing an increasingly important role in community conversation and organization, many experts have been wondering what role social media plays in civic disruptions. Looking at data surrounding the revolution in Egypt earlier this year, a Yale researcher is reporting that social media use may reduce protest severity in times of civil unrest. The author also concludes that social media can often accelerate activity, but alone it cannot generate or create a strong sentiment.

Trending Searches

Rising Searches from Google Insights

This past week people turned to Google for up-to-date information on the earthquake in the Northeast and Hurricane Irene’s path. Coverage of Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple and searches for discounted HP Touchpads continued to be popular topics as well.

  1. 1. earthquake (Breakout)
  2. 2. hurricane irene (Breakout)
  3. 3. hurricane irene path (Breakout)
  4. 4. irene (Breakout)
  5. 5. irene path (Breakout)
  6. 6. steve jobs (+3,100%)
  7. 7. hurricane (+2,900%)
  8. 8. weather channel (+350%)
  9. 9. hp touchpad (+200%)
  10. 10. kim kardashian wedding (+170%)

  TNI Partner Spotlight

  • Congrats to The King and Prince Resort (@kingandprince) on their recent feature in the digital magazine, Alister & Paine (@AlisterPaine). The article offers a great guide to the “St. Simons Island Getaway”, including the 75 year old resort’s fascinating history.
  • Highland Pharmaceuticals made headlines last week with the news that they had developed a “chemical lock” that makes it extremely difficult to extract pseudoephedrine from medications to make methamphetamine.

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