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Worth a Look

  • To accommodate the ever-increasing mobile market, many web services are converting to HTML5 to allow a seamless experience across all devices. This week the popular content-sharing site SlideShare moved to an HTML5 site. This will allow smartphone and tablet users to quickly access presentation slides and documents on the go.

    SlideShare on HTML 5

    Users can now easily view SlideShare content on mobile devices, like the iPad.

  • This week Google announced a new way for websites to make their top content “standout”. With Google’s standout HTML tag, sites can highlight articles they wish to appear as “Featured” in the news results. To prevent abuse, Google will ignore sites that use the tag more than seven times per week.
  • The changes to Facebook announced last week at the f8 conference will have a major impact on how brands use the social network to connect with fans. This week The Net Impact team posted a point of view on how the Facebook changes will affect brands.
  • The Net Impact team also hosted an event in the offices this week. Laura Stude of Famous Footwear presented social media strategies and insights for enterprise-level brands. To see her presentation and our major takeaways, check out our September event recap.

Trending Searches

Find out the search terms that have been trending on Google during the past week. Data was gathered using Google’s Insights for Search tool.

Panic that Facebook would soon begin charging went viral this week, inciting a fury of search activity, though it turned out to be untrue. Google’s doodle celebrating Jim Henson and the threat of a NASA satellite falling to Earth generated significant traffic as well.

  1.  1. facebook charging (Breakout)
  2. 2. jim henson (Breakout)
  3. 3. vesta williams (Breakout)
  4. 4. herman cain (+1,550%)
  5. 5. nancy grace (+700%)
  6. 6. terra nova (+450%)
  7. 7. satellite falling (+400%)
  8. 8. satellite (+160%)
  9. 9. ufc (+160%)
  10. 10. battlefield 3 (+100%)

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