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 Worth a Look

  • Search Engine Optimization is an important investment for any company with a presence on the web. However, the SEO process is not as simple as many think. In an article this week for Business Insider, Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone) addresses company-wide SEO guidelines for modern businesses. She asserts that for optimal effectiveness and efficiency, everyone in an organization needs a basic familiarity with SEO.
  • Hootsuite, the popular social media management tool, received some big updates this week. This article highlights some of the upgrades to Hootsuite’s Facebook integration functionality. As fans and users of the service, we were excited to see Event and Group tools, Photo Uploading, and search capabilities added. (via @InmanNext)
  • The holiday weekend is almost upon us! Before finishing at work for the week and taking a well-deserved break from the computer screen, check out this Labor Day Infographic from Credit Donkey. It contains interesting statistics about the history of the holiday and the US Labor Force as it stands today.

Trending Searches

Rising Searches from Google Insights

Hurricane Irene and Steve Jobs’ resignation were both responsible for a lot of searches on Google in the past week, but buzz surrounding MTV’s Video Music Awards and its performers beat them both on social media and in search this week.

  1. 1. vma 2011 (+4,550%)
  2. 2. vma (+3,750%)
  3. 3. beyonce (+650%)
  4. 4. irene (+550%)
  5. 5. hurricane irene (+500%)
  6. 6. hurricane irene path (+400%)
  7. 7. steve jobs (+400%)
  8. 8. hurricane (+350%)
  9. 9. irene path (+350%)
  10. 10. lady gaga (+200%)

 TNI Partner Spotlight

  • Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C. (@SandbergPhoenix) has been named a top law firm in St. Louis, as voted on by readers of Small Business Monthly. They will be featured as one of the “Best Businesses in St. Louis” in SBM’s upcoming Business Owners’ Guide. Congratulations!
  • Our friends at The ROHO Group (@TheROHOGroup) are title sponsors of the US Open USTA Wheelchair Tennis Championships for the third year running. They’ll be helping out at the tournament in Forest Park this holiday weekend.

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