Social media offers unique opportunities and challenges for an enterprise-level brand. At our September TXCHANGE Happy Hour event Laura Stude, of Brown Shoe, discussed strategies and campaigns she uses leading the social media efforts for Famous Footwear. Read our five major takeaways from the event below. For video of Laura’s presentation, head to September’s TXCHANGE event recap page.

Laura Stude of Famous Footwear speaks at The Net Impact

Laura Stude, Famous Footwear


  1. 1. Facebook ads are great for fan acquisition, but the campaign needs to be efficient.Target and test many different types of creative to refine future efforts.
  2. 2. Don’t be a “sales factory” on Facebook, have fun with your fans! Users “like”your brand to increase engagement, don’t abuse the opportunity with excessive sales pitches.
  3. 3. Ask if the fan you are pursuing online is the same as your offline fan. If your target consumer on social media is different, adjust your message.
  4. 4. A successful social media strategy should be interconnected with your other marketing efforts. This integrated approach proved highly effective for Famous Footwear.

    Interconnected marketing with Famous Footwear

    Marketing efforts should be Interconnected

  5. 5. Use a personal approach for communication on social. Fan connection to the brand is stronger and the dialogue mis ore productive when users know a real person operates the account.


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