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Local Search: Get Your Business Noticed

“Nearly 2 million listings on Google have been claimed by business owners on Google Places- which still represents only about 15% of small businesses. These Places Pages are viewed millions of times each day.” (

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It’s important to know what local search can do for your business. Local search allows users to submit their geographical location and business information via search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Typical local search listings not only include contact information for the business but also give the exact geographic location, show photos or videos uploaded by the business, and link to company websites for that business.

Directories to keep in mind when adding a business to local search engines include Bing Local Listings, Biz Journal, Google Places, Yahoo Local and Yellow Pages, just to name a few. Some directory websites also gather information from huge data warehouses like Localeze, INFOUSA, and Acxiom.

When adding your business to local search directories consider the following tips:

Sign Up

When creating user accounts, use the same user name, password and e-mail address for each of these listings. It makes it easier to update the listings should the company phone number, website or address change.

Business Information

Make sure you aren’t over sharing information about your business, just enough to make users want to learn more and to provide them with the information they want. Typically searchers want to see a company or business name, the address and a phone number. The company website is also a key piece of information to share.


Use fitting images. Your company logo and a picture outside of the building are appropriate images. Too many irrelevant pictures may lead to your business looking unprofessional.


Keywords make all the difference when users search for businesses. The keywords you use in directories should be relevant and align with your SEO keyword strategy. Think like a searcher. If you were searching for your business, what words would you use? This simple tactic plays a huge role in helping customers easily find your company online.


It’s important to have a direct link to your company website. Encourage viewers to discover more about your company with a localized landing page.

If you follow these general tips, it will get you on the path to get your business noticed.

For more information on Local Search Optimization, check out this TNI Podcast about local search optimization and geo-targeted campaigns.

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