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Quick Response Codes: Unique Uses for QR Codes

Did you know quick response (QR) codes aren’t only black and white? You can create fun images and colors to make them more exciting.

Technology is shaping our world in creative ways. And QR codes are one of the many forms of technology used to create buzz in the marketing world (see How To Format QR Code Data).

QR codes offer simple benefits to businesses. They allow customers to receive coupons, free downloads, insights on special offers and more. However, many QR codes go beyond the traditional uses. Here are some of our favorites:


We made a QR code t-shirt as a birthday present for TNI President, Steve Thomas. The QR code leads to his Twitter page.


A Seattle based company, is now giving an option of having a QR code on a tombstone. Scanning the code takes to you a website that has pictures and history of the deceased.


The 2012 presidential election is showing the possibility of using QR codes for “branding candidates, fundraising and collecting supporter’s data.”

Wine bottles

Wine bottles that have codes on them give information of when the wine was made and what winery it came from.

This graph from Warrior Forum shows the most popular scanned products

While there are many creative uses for QR codes, the food and drink category still dominates scans. It’s not surprising this category is at the top with 34% of the most popular items scanned. QR codes make it easy to receive discounts instantly at the point of sale. Many consumer products have codes on the packaging so shoppers can use the discount right away.

However, don’t be afraid to get creative! QR codes provide an exciting way to market your business. They offer customers a good incentive to check out a business and the exclusive deals or content the company may provide.

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