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 Worth a Look

  • Facebook continues to announce dramatic changes this week showing off new tools for brand pages. These features include more metrics for Facebook Insights, highlighted brand conversations, and a new ad unit. This article from AdAge analyzes what the Facebook changes means for brands.
  • Recently Google released another update to its search algorithm, dubbed Google Panda 2.5. While specific algorithm tweaks weren’t announced, dramatic changes in traffic give an idea of the winners and losers in the update. The Search Agents highlight the major shifts this week, including a controversial traffic boost to Google sites YouTube and, as well as partner
  • High quality links and anchor text are essential for guiding both users and search engines through a website. Concise, descriptive links are only increasing in importance as mobile search continues to grow. This week, Search Engine Land details linking strategies for mobile SEO.

Trending Searches

Find out the search terms that have been trending on Google during the past week. Data was gathered using Google’s Insights for Search tool.

Amazon’s announcement of the Kindle Fire last week sparked a major boost in search traffic. The new tablet being released at $199 seeks to be a major competitor to the iPad this autumn.

The new Amazon tablet, The Kindle Fire

Amazon's new $199 tablet, The Kindle Fire

  1. 1. amazon kindle fire (Breakout)
  2. 2. bad lip reading (Breakout)
  3. 3. kindle fire (Breakout)
  4. 4. kindle fire tablet (Breakout)
  5. 5. amazon tablet (+300%)
  6. 6. firefox 7 (+300%)
  7. 7. amazon kindle (+250%)
  8. 8. cain and abel (+70%)
  9. 9. hp touchpad sale (+70%)
  10. 10. nvidia drivers (+60%)



TNI Partner Spotlight

  • The Parents as Teachers National Center (@NatlPAT), a nonprofit organization based in St. Louis, currently needs votes in Monsanto’s Grow St. Louis Contest. The top STL nonprofits will be awarded $15,000, $10,000, and $5,000 donations. Please take a second to help support our partner for this great cause.
  • This weekend National Concerns of Police Survivors (@NationalCOPS) will host their annual C.O.P.S. Walk in Washington D.C. Donations are still being accepted for this fantastic event!

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