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    The iPhone 4s

    Will mobile search revenues continue to rise?

    Trending Searches

    Find out the search terms that have been trending on Google during the past 30 days. Data was gathered using Google’s Insights for Search tool.

    With the hype surrounding its announcement and release, the iPhone 4s topped the search traffic charts for the past month. Seasonal searches for October were also very popular, as many turn to Google for the perfect costume.

    1. 1. iphone 4s (Breakout)
    2. 2. troy davis (+3,700%)
    3. 3. amanda knox (+2,450%)
    4. 4. steve jobs (+600%)
    5. 5. mayweather (+350%)
    6. 6. halloween (+180%)
    7. 7. halloween costumes (+180%)
    8. 8. iphone 5 (+100%)
    9. 9. kindle (+90%)
    10. 10. party city (+80%)

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