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Worth a Look

  • Tech gadgets are always a popular topic of conversation this time of year as many speculate which tech toys will be hits and which will flop in the holiday season. However, many gadgets popular today will eventually go the way of the VCR as technology like smartphones, tablets, and digital media continue to evolve. This week, Yahoo provides some insight on the gadgets we won’t be using in 2020.
  • The new iPhone 4S introduced the Siri voice-operated “assistant” to more than 4 million new 4S owners. The search by voice capabilities made possible by Siri now begs the question, is your business “Siri Engine Optimized”? This new form of search may mean more long tail keywords and an increased importance on local directories. For more info on getting found locally, be sure to check out our October TXCHANGE on Local Search Optimization.
  • Users of Google Analytics may soon find changes in their traffic referral data. Google announced this week on their blog that they will begin to encrypt search referral data for users logged in to, hiding the data that tells web masters which keywords were used to find the website. While this may only affected a small amount of searches, it is indicative of a trend to limit referral data for user privacy concerns.

    Google Analytics Keyword Referral

    Google has begun concealing referral keywords for its logged-in users

Trending Searches-Computers and Electronics

Find out the search terms that have been trending on Google during the past week. Data was gathered using Google’s Insights for Search tool.

With the release of both the iPhone 4s and the new iOS5 last week, queries related to the new Apple products dominated technology-based searches on Google. The death of legendary computer programmer Dennis Ritchie, co-founder of the Unix OS and primary designer of C programming language, also caused a surge in tech search traffic.

  1. 1. dennis ritchie (Breakout)
  2. 2. imessage (+750%)
  3. 3. icloud (+500%)
  4. 4. ios5 (+250%)
  5. 5. iphone ios 5 (+190%)
  6. 6. ios 5 (+110%)
  7. 7. iphone 5 (+110%)
  8. 8. iphone 4s (+90%)
  9. 9. itunes (+80%)
  10. 10. download ios 5 (+60%)

TNI Partner Spotlight

  • St. Louis nonprofit and TNI partner, Karla Smith Foundation, has an auction coming up! Check out their Facebook page for info on the KSF Dinner Auction.

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