“YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.” (http://youtube.com)TNI Podcast Series: Briand Sanderson Talks About Microsoft Surface 2 Development

YouTube makes it very easy for anyone to promote products, ideas and more on their website. The only problem is how does one get their video noticed from all of the other videos on the web?  It is important to search engine optimize video content to help increase visibility and number of views.

Consider the following tips:

It’s key to optimize the basic text when describing your videos- the titles and the descriptions


It’s smart to think about the words in the title.  It is crucial to have keywords that support your target audience and are eye-catching.

For example take two possible titles for one video:

Poor Title SEO: “Microsoft Podcast”

Good Title SEO: “TNI Podcast Series: Briand Sanderson Talks About Microsoft Surface 2 Development

The first title doesn’t use keywords like “NBA” or “Social Media” and you wouldn’t even know that it is part of a series of subject matter podcasts.  The second video title is more specific using appropriate keywords.

Video description

The description should also contain keywords and a URL.   To optimize the description for search engine optimization keep it short: two or three sentences about the video with a URL that leads to a relevant source. Videos containing a URL guide the viewer to the website of the company or a useful resource. (The link will be visible and clickable in the description box)


Tags should include terms relevant to your video.  For example, when we upload a video about The Net Impact, we use terms like, St. Louis, web design, web marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click and email marketing in addition to topical keywords.  When users watch YouTube videos recommendations pop up on the side, allowing the viewer to see other clip suggestions that match criteria determined by keywords.


The number of people who view the video plays an important factor in how well the video ranks in YouTube.  It would be a good idea to send a recently posted video to co-workers, family and friends to view and quickly grow the quantity of views.

After following these easy tips for video search engine optimization, your video will be easy to find and ready to view.  Keep in mind, when implementing a video search engine optimization project; it’s smart to think like a searcher.

Interested in search engine optimization?  The Net Impact can help.

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