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Keynote speaker, Valeria Maltoni (@ConversationAge)

Social Media consulting and advocacy group Social IRL (Social: In Real Life) recently hosted an all day workshop in St. Louis on social media strategies, tools, and tactics. Pat Niday from The Net Impact marketing team attended the event along with many other social media strategists from businesses and agencies in the St. Louis community.

The keynote speaker for the event was Valeria Maltoni, social media consultant and author of the popular Conversation Agent blog. Valeria’s presentation focused on the role social media plays in a complete marketing strategy instead of simply what to do with social media accounts.

Attendees were encouraged to “do more of the things they are good at” by analyzing all the assets a company has and trading on the strongest assets in social media.  Valeria insisted that in social media promises are traded, so make sure the promise is “pretty amazing”. Overall, the presentation demonstrated social media as a way to augment a strategic marketing plan and engage with consumers in an immediate and intimate way.

After Valeria’s strategy-focused presentation in the morning, the afternoon was filled with several presentations designed to show great social media tactics, tools, and applications.

First was a presentation by Haley Spoeneman and Maeve Connor of 4ORCE Digital. They demonstrated a great case study for Save-a-lot Grocery Stores covering the integration of social media with other traditional marketing tactics like discounting. Using $5 coupon that required a “like” on Facebook, 4ORCE was able to grow Save-a-lot’s reach and engagement with its fans greatly.

Next was Jim Rudden of Spredfast, a social CRM service. Jim discussed integrating social media into the traditional sales pipeline and inbound marketing strategy. He also highlighted the advantages of using your subject matter experts in the company to generate content. Engineers want to hear from the engineering team, not the marketing team. As Jim said, social media should be part of the rhythm of the company.

Craig Moore and Jeff Schultz from Armstrong Teasdale LLP offered a fascinating look at the legal ramifications of social media, including employee/employer conflicts, content ownership, and trade secrets. One particular point of interest was the varying terms of service for Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress; reminding social media account managers to always be careful of the content posted.

Social IRL Presenter Jake Jacobson

Jake of @JakesJournal, a Twitter account born in the back of a van during the Tour de France

The final presentation of the day included Justin Meyer of the Kansas City International Airport and Jake Jacobson of Garmin. Both showed how in their respective organization being timely and honest with social media helped generate consumer goodwill and engagement. A quick and personal response is a great way to create a brand evangelist.

Overall, the Social IRL workshop was a great opportunity to discuss and analyze social media strategy with other members of the St. Louis community. The Net Impact looks forward to future Social IRL events in the future.

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