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Worth a Look

  • Google+ shook up the social media world again this week as it launched brand pages on the social network. Interest in the Facebook competitor had cooled until Monday’s announcement that businesses would be allowed to create pages for fans to interact with. Creating a Google+ page for your organization? Check out Mashable’s Tips for Google+ Brand Pages for ideas.
  • Adobe announced this week that it is ending support of Flash plugins for mobile browsers. This now makes HTML5 the de facto language for mobile websites. This marks a huge victory for Apple and the iPhone, which had taken an aggressive anti-Flash stance under Steve Jobs’ direction. Here’s what the end of mobile Flash means for Adobe.
  • As we heard at last week’s Social IRL workshop, there are important legal ramifications to consider when using social media for both companies and individual users. While social media messages online are clearly written in ink for the public to see, a recent study found that 52 percent of Twitter users don’t consider legal implications of their tweets.
An Exampple of a Google Plus Brand Page

Google+ pages for brands launched this week.

Trending Searches

Find out the search terms that have been trending on Google during the past week. Data was gathered using Google’s Insights for Search tool.

The discovery of the Google Easter Egg “Do a Barrel Roll” went viral this week as searchers went to Google en masse to see the search engine results page do a trick!  Surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly), Black Friday 2011 has picked up search momentum in early November as shoppers look to be in the know for the year’s biggest “Shopping Holiday” on the 25th.

  1. 1. barrel roll (Breakout)
  2. 2. mariah yeater (Breakout)
  3. 3. justin bieber baby (+2,800%)
  4. 4. justin bieber (+350%)
  5. 5. earthquake (+140%)
  6. 6. modern warfare 3 (+140%)
  7. 7. mw3 (+130%)
  8. 8. black friday 2011 (+120%)
  9. 9. skyrim (+90%)
  10. 10. glee (+70%)

 TNI Partner Spotlight

  • This Tuesday, November 8th, was National Parents as Teachers Day! National PAT celebrated this week with thousands of other organizations around the world who offer Parents as Teachers services.
  • In case you missed it, here’s the link to last week’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This episode featured work from nonprofit Karla Smith Foundation to build a home for the Hill family. Gina and Allen Hill recently formed Silent Siren to help combat post-traumatic stress disorder.

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