“Las Vegas built the expo industry, and the expo industry built Las Vegas”, said Russell Kroeker of Reveal Exhibits, a 20-year tradeshow veteran and keynote speaker for our latest TXCHANGE program, Event Marketing and Online Event Integration. Here are our major takeaways from Russell’s presentation covering economics of the Expo Industry, technology integration in tradeshow marketing, and ways to leverage your web presence to maximize event effectiveness.

New technology can’t replace the value of meeting face-to-face.

When making large capital purchases (particularly in the B2B space), businesses value meeting in person. Russell explained companies attend expos to answer two questions: “Are you for real?” and “Are you likeable?”

The modern Expo-Goer does his research.

Today, product information is readily available online through user reviews, case studies, and company blogs.  Tradeshow attendees come armed with facts and seek answers to very specific questions. Modern expo attendees are more selective and prepared, and therefore more qualified, than in the past.

Attendees feel safety in numbers, value limited interaction.

Technology has changed the modern tradeshow dynamic. Attendees react negatively to a hard-sell from the exhibitor. They prefer to limit interaction and find their information at the display or booth, usually via digital kiosks or demo stations.

Expo Economics, a Look at Tradeshow Revenues

Expo Industry revenues (purple), are expected to recover.

The Expo Economy is recovering.

The tradeshow business suffered from the recent recession like many other industries. However, attendance and revenue started bouncing back in late 2010, which can be seen in the data provided by Russell (above). Experts predict this industry to recover well in the coming years, possibly confirming Russell’s assertion that the expo industry will always be around, no matter how many times it is written off as “dead”.

Mobile sites and apps are crucial for event marketing.

While the event marketing business isn’t going away, it has needed to adapt to changing technologies and communication channels. Product and event content needs to be easily accessible on mobile devices, providing attendees with valuable company information from the expo floor.

Couldn’t make it to Las Vegas but want more information on Expo Economics and Online Event Integration?

Watch video of the entire TXCHANGE presentation here.


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