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 Worth a Look

  • This week we were reminded to choose our tweets with care. While many know employers and other entities can easily monitor Twitter, it may surprise some to see agencies acting on this information.  Surely, no one is more surprised than the man who was detained by Homeland Security for offensive tweets.
  • Since Google+ started offering brand pages on their social network, small and medium businesses has been hesitant to join. This week the New York Times asks, Does Google+ Offer Businesses an Edge?Click the link for a great case study of a small company strategically using Circles and +1’s to leverage the unique strengths of Google+.

    Google Plus Social Network Logo

    Can Small and Medium Sized Business Get and Advantage with Google+?

  • The “Mobile First” web design philosophy has been gaining momentum in recent years as more and more web traffic shifts to the mobile space. However this philosophy, which prioritizes the experience of mobile users, has led to the “web second” movement. Web second emphasizes the need to design non-mobile sites to take advantage of the capabilities of desktop browsing, instead of simply displaying a slightly modified mobile site to all users.

Trending Searches

Find out the search terms that have been trending on Google during the past week. Data was gathered using Google’s Insights for Search tool.

This week search traffic spiked with the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees and tax season went into full swing with high amounts of “IRS” related searches.

  1. 1. oscar nominations 2012 (+1,200%)
  2. 2. demi moore (+1,050%)
  3. 3. irs refund (+250%)
  4. 4. australian open (+100%)
  5. 5. heidi klum (+100%)
  6. 6. republican debate (+80%)
  7. 7. super bowl 2012 (+80% )
  8. 8. h&r block (+60%)
  9. 9. irs (+60%)
  10. 10. seal (+60%)

TNI Partner Spotlight

  • We’re excited for the national exposure and attention that our partner Nawgan is receiving! Check out Nawgan in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Non-profit partner Karla Smith Foundation was recently featured on the local news to tell their story and promote their upcoming Stigma and Suicide event. See their story on combatting mental illness stigma here.

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