Integrated Online Marketing Campaigns: April Fool’s Day

Timely, integrated marketing campaigns are effective ways to boost brand engagement and excitement. E-mail marketing, social media channels, fresh website content and video marketing can generate dramatic results.  And now with April Fool’s representing something of an unofficial internet holiday, The Net Impact marketing and web design teams decided to have some fun and drive traffic with Google Possum.

Google Possum is an April Fool’s Day hoax developed as a parody of Google Panda, the codename for Google’s major search ranking algorithm upgrade from early last year. Google Panda focused on increasing rankings for sites that provided the best user experience, rather than those that used abusive linking or keyword programs, by focusing on metrics like time on site, bounce rate, and pages-per-visit.

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Our fake update, Google Possum, instead focused on metrics like the quantity (and furriness!) of cute animal pictures per page, audible user reactions, and absurd quantities of social sharing buttons. While this project was a lot of fun to conceive, create, and film the intent was to get measurable results from an integrated digital marketing campaign.  And please, we beg you, don’t try this at home (it won’t work).

So, was it successful? Well, after thousands of e-mails, the production of a 3 minute video on YouTube, dozens of scheduled social media messages on Facebook and Twitter, and pop-up notification for the homepage, the results are in:

The Google Possum video was the most watched video on our YouTube channel so far this year, competing with several videos already hosted on YouTube for multiple weeks. Traffic to increased almost 150% and time-on-site increased 56%. The Google Possum landing page was the most visited page of the month after the Home Page.

As the numbers show, a coordinated and concerted effort across many different digital channels can significantly boost traffic and engagement. If you are looking to build brand awareness or simply create some excitement around your website, talk to the digital marketing experts at The Net Impact to see if an integrated marketing campaign is right for your business!


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