The Net Impact tracks website analytics along with many other companies to provide perspective on how to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web rankings and other business practices. In Q1 of 2012, The Net Impact conducted a small survey among small to medium sized businesses to gain further insight on planned web analytics usage for 2012 and beyond. Several responding companies fall into the sales and marketing category, but other industries that completed the survey included manufacturing, health care, retail and hospitality.

Industry Data Graph

Checking web analytics allows users to monitor traffic, page rank, referral traffic from social media, video data, email marketing and more.  Monitoring web traffic reveals who visits the site, where those visitors come from, where they go, content that is frequently viewed and a lot of other data. Ranking data can offer insight on ways that SEO improves rank. Using measurements from social media can expose correlations between post frequency and responses. Video data can give insight to a more defined audience and email  marketing is a quick way to contact a large group. You see who opened, unsubscribed, if it bounced and more. Social media, website ranking data and website traffic data account for 61% of the analytics collected by the sample.

Analytics Type Data Graph

Sales and Marketing professionals made up 41% of the sample.  These professionals use website analytics more frequently. The most popular tool of choice is Google Analytics used by 63% of the sample group. The majority of the other participants do not know which web analytics tool their company uses, or their company uses a different tool. Competitors to Google Analytics include Coremetrics, WebTrends and Unica.

Analytics Tools Data Graph

Industry type and business size seem to impact the frequency with which companies track analytics data. According to the survey, many businesses prefer to collect analytics daily and weekly to respond more quickly to shifts in trends. Daily collections account for 26% of the sample while weekly data collection accounts for 33%.

Analytics Frequency Data Graph

Perhaps most surprising is that many companies do not yet reference mobile data or utilize link tagging.  33% of the sample collects mobile data and 19% utilize tagging for link tracking. When asked the importance of analytics to company success, the majority of the sample felt it had at least some importance. A shocking 8% felt neutral on the correlation of analytics to success.

This analysis is provided by The Net Impact web marketing team.  If you would like to discuss data analysis and how it could benefit your company contact The Net Impact.



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