From the 2012 SMX (Search Marketing Expo)


Search Engine Optimization is important to web and mobile rankings, but needs to be done the right way in order to be effective. At the 2012 SMX conference in Seattle, Cindy Krum, Pierre Far and Bryson Meunier explained how to improve your mobile SEO based on design in their presentation “iSEO: Doing Mobile Search Engine Optimization Right.” With mobile web being all the rage, it’s important to understand design effectiveness so your site doesn’t get lost in translation.

The mobile site design plays a critical role in the success of the website. A few different design options exist depending on what your services may acquire a better response from.

  • Separate mobile pages involve creating mobile specific design templates and content.
  • Responsive Design is less intensive with dual purpose URLs which resize to fit to your desktop or mobile device.
  • Lastly, RESS is a mixed solution of the two.

When it comes to smartphones and surfing the web, Google recommends Responsive Design. Responsive Design utilizes the same HTML and URL with CSS media queries. You can implement media queries in multiple ways, and by testing in a modern browser you can discover if it will work with algorithms. Whether a mobile or a desktop Google bot crawls this information, the crawl efficiency will increase. Having a Responsive Design will help Google understand the site and you to see better results.



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