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Personalized search - what does it mean?

Marty Weintraub CEO of aimClear® and Danny Sullivan Editor and Chief of Search Engine Land discussed how search engine personalization might impact SERP results for individuals.  In other words, what I see for a specific keyword and what you see for a specific might differ depending on the information that Google and Bing have stored for us.  In technical terms, this is what personalization means.

  1. Facebook and Twitter matter less than they used to, but Google+ might become more important since it is well…part of Google SEO now.
  2. It is increasingly more important to mention and tag influencers on Google+
  3. Expanding the personal network means expanding SEO experience
  4. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people that discuss certain topics or verticals, it’s the web, you can be friends
  5. Measuring is important, set engagement KPIs and build your network
  6. IP address, search history and social connections drive personal search
  7. Identify your company’s thought leaders and promote them as individuals

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