Amanda Gabbert

TXCHANGE Social Media Survey Results

At a recent TXCHANGE event, we took a survey that tallied which social media sites our guests utilized the most. Of the networks listed, the most used are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our guests ranged in occupations from marketing to law, and many people use these social media sites for business and pleasure.

What makes some social media sites more popular than others? Social media sites range in ability. For example, FourSquare is specifically for checking in and arranging events. In comparison to Facebook, not only can you check in and create events, but you can also communicate with people on an individual basis through messages and posts. Another example would be a comparison between Pinterest and LinkedIn. Pinterest is limited in activity because the site is specifically for finding images you like and pinning them to boards. Unlike Pinterest, LinkedIn has multiple functions where you can message friends, look for jobs, post career history and give work recommendations.

In summary, it seems people’s interests in social media networks lie in communicating on a more personal level. The most popular and original networks in use include one-on-one communication as well as group dynamics. Social media is still developing and people continue to discover new avenues of interest.



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